20 thoughts on “Dick’s Sporting Goods will stop selling assault-style rifles

  1. I didn't know they were selling assault rifles. I would have thought the 1934 National Firearms Act would have heavily regulated and prevented the sale of new select fire rifles — ohhh, you mean regular semi-auto only rifles that you just call "assault rifles". Got it. So this isn't about assault rifles it is about people who need hooked on phonics, stat…

  2. Lol and now they’re tanking just to support lefties, btw an assault weapon is not a real thing and AR 15 semiautomatic are not used by the military.

  3. a stupid decision by dick’s to pander to candy ass liberals.. Liberals are such pansies and hypocrites. They try to have gun control, yet, they lobby to murder the unborn. Hell is filling up with em

  4. They are not high capacity. They are standard capacity. Why can't people get this right. A 30 round magazine is standard capacity. Assault weapons are fully automatic rifles which have been illegal to buy without special licensing. Let's all punish everyone for a few crazy people's decisions. Dicks you have lost my buisness. I'll buy my ammo and hunting goods at Cabela's, Bass pro and Walmart. Criminals don't care weather you sell sporting rifles or not. The fudds are saying it's ok because they only care if it effects them. They will care when they take their shotguns away. Old and dumb in my opinion you are sir.

  5. Now if we could get everyone to stop smoking marijuana and protect our kids from pot-head parents. Let's get some consistency, eh?

  6. "thank you dicks sporting goods for showing us how to be sheeps to a criminals will!" are you kidding me wake up assholes gun laws only help the criminals do there job better

  7. Dick's Sporting Goods sucks and I'll no longer be shopping there and neither will a lot of other people so f*** off Dick's Sporting Goods you want to take people's concealed weapons at the front door what the f*** you need to get your asses sued

  8. So basically they won't be selling any firearms with tacticool looks. 👍 But you can still buy a Remington 700 .338 lapua and a Zeiss Conquest V6 5-30×5… not that I'm against it. My daughter was murdered by an armed assailant. I WISH I had an assault rifle, so I could have offed that dunce before he killed her… even after he killed her would have been a second best… anyway, I just feel like this whole Parkland shooting is being used to push gun control, and I feel like that's very wrong.

  9. So what?CVS pharmacy's don't sell cigarettes anymore but it still won't stop people from smoking,same with guns criminals will still get them one way or another.

  10. The 2nd Amendment was ratified in the Bill of Rights on 15, 1791 .. there have been no changes in the law for 226 years ….. Why would we let you it now ????????

  11. I’m a responsible gun owner and have always been very sensitive when it came to politicians calling for more gun control, but after watching videos and trying to imagine what these children and parents are going through is unimaginable, something needs to be done immediately, We need to make sure we keep the guns away from people that shouldn’t have them. Laws that actually work and are enforced so people like the Florida shooter don’t fall through the cracks. Maybe a special license for assault weapons, with age, Storage and medical requirements. We need to protect these kids. Thanks

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