How To Make Money Selling Sporting Goods on eBay & Locally-BOLOS!

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10 thoughts on “How To Make Money Selling Sporting Goods on eBay & Locally-BOLOS!

  1. Finally watching this – did you notice the parts for the Airdyne people were selling on ebay? damn! Really good vid John, I picked up a few more bolo's here. Goal: find a heart of the hide glove this weekend.

  2. Heads Up Kids.
    I sell lots of full sets of golf clubs of ANY brand Usually pay $20 and sell for $100 to $150 sometimes more. Beginners are looking for economy, and don't usually care about brand.
    The key is FULL SET, matched, in good condition, 1 Driver, 2 Fairway woods, full iron set (6 to 9 pieces, including a wedge) and a putter. I have sold many sets and usually quickly.

  3. Thank you! I live in SC and always run across gold clubs but don’t know what t look for so I pass them. Now I have a few I can remember to check out! Also lots of baseball,in my area and lot of high income neighborhoods with big time baseball programs. I’ll be on the lookout now for bats.

  4. Good video. Because of watching a earier golf video. I have found 2 full sets of Ping irons nothing special but they were free

  5. Great information John. I usually pass right by sport equipment. I'll keep my eyes out for the home runs from now on (pun intended)

  6. Great video! I’d add FootJoy golf shoes to your list. If new, they sell on eBay for $50 – $150, but even lightly used sell around $30-$50. You can usually pick them up at yard sales for $2 – $5.

    Physical therapists always recommend that Schwinn Airdyne bike (for hip, knee, and ankle recovery) which is part of why it sells so well.

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