Akihabara might be known as the center of the anime, video game, and manga universe. But it’s roots are in it’s electronics markets – some of the coolest in the world! Today, we’re exploring the back alleys and cramped corridors with John Daub from the channel Only in Japan.

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20 thoughts on “Exploring Akihabara, Tokyo’s Electronics Markets – w/Only in Japan!

  1. Should make that camera digital so you could link it to a Bluetooth printer so when you snap a pic ypu could send it to the printer. Keeping the aspect of having it print the picture but through a Bluetooth printer. Would be a really cool project. Would love to see it happen. Just a thought. Another idea is to modify it to have a newer iPhone modded into the camera so you have the touch screen on the back and use the flash and camera thats on the phone and many of the other components from the phone. Basically turning the camera into a digital touch screen camera with a good quality camera with the newer iPhones. Loving the videos and I would love to come check out japan and china! Congrats on the 1mil!

  2. i'm curious about the store you found the old console sound chips at, may i have the name? i'm really interested and since i'm going to japan in 2020 i'd definitely take a look there!

  3. I love it.
    Was there from 1st of November to the 18th. Was my second time.
    I love Japan, the people, the culture, public traffic, everything is so nice there

  4. In this video I have noticed a lot of the natives eyeing you two suspiciously and I can totally understand them. You're talking in a foreign language, not Japanese, and even if you are not as bad as the Muslims in Europe, I can totally understand how they see you as foreign.

    I mean every time I hear people speaking in public in a foreign language, it irks me. It's not polite. I can't understand what you say in public. This happens several times a day now. In public transit in the supermarket, in restaurants even.

    I am so happy and glad, that Japan at least won't allow foreigners (and even Europeans!) to integrate without high burdens. Japan is conserving its values and I am happy they do.

    Look at their streets, look at their crime statistics, look at how nice a country it is. I hope the people of Japan never change. I hope they can stay a Monoculture and only allow aliens under the most strenuous conditions.

  5. Poloroid Idea. A kiosk with and camera that takes pics but also uploads a copy to an IG account. So random people get a copy and it's also instantly on Instagram. Instagram may even sponsor something like that (They could pay for the film) Insta-Steets: Streets of Shenzen.

  6. Hey strange parts! the reson you were seeing so many booths in Akihabara with radios such as Kenwood, Yaesu, And ICOM, is because japan has one of the highest number of citizens with amateur radio licenses in the world! If youd like to know more, I'd be happy to answer ay of your amateur radio questions!

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