In this video, I will show you how I get cheap electronic components by salvaging from circuit boards. I get circuit boards from defunct electronic devices that I get practically for free, then I desolder all the useful components from them and sort them into drawers. It is a really cool way to get components cheaply.

A Good soldering iron to use:

A Solder Sucker:

A way to hold your parts:

A Good desoldering iron:

A Multimeter to test your components:


20 thoughts on “How To Get Cheap Electronic Components (Salvaging From Circuit Boards)

  1. Very nice video, I wish I was this Interested or as smart as you are at your age.. I didnt even know a kid in my school that was doing any of this.. Not to mention the video editing and presentation is great, especially for a 1 man job im guessing.. And you haven't had 20yrs to screw around learning from different sources… Once again, good job man. Im working on editing a video… Any tips would be appreciated.. Thumbs up And Subscribed.

  2. Baahhhh don't use this torch!! 🤯😫🤮
    Buy a more powerful soldering-iron and use solderwick!!!!
    I recommend to desolder all 2w+ resistors and bigger smd components like Mosfets, bigger caps and shunts.
    Tip:Big THT diodes are also often useful

  3. It looks like you could use at least one more parts drawers cabinet. I wish I still had the patience and eyesight to salvage components. 👍

  4. Harbor freight has a 120/or 150/soldering gun ,it looks like the seller so when you need more heat,it cost me fifteen dollars includes a case ,extra tips etc. Good invest ment

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