So, what is a computer these days? It’s a good question when you consider how powerful some tablets have gotten, and when you see laptops with touchscreens and stylus pens. Senior Editor Lauren Goode makes an argument for why things like tactile keys and desktop software still matter. Subscribe:

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20 thoughts on “Tablet vs laptop

  1. Never buy a laptop it a waste of money I ain't buying a 1,000 dollor iPad but I will buy a Samsung tablet lr a LG tap pro

  2. So here is the deal if you are a software programmer or a video editor then get a laptop but if your just going to watch YouTube or Netflix and many write a paper or email now and again then get a tablet!

  3. Yeah but laptops are usually better for heavier gaming and ipads are better for portability and apps. It's all about personal preference

  4. With glasses:" you realise a tablet with 12 inch is still pretty big."
    Me: there is a smaller one, too.
    Without glasses:" there is one with 10inch."
    Me: goddamn i'm gooood

  5. I have an iPad air and thought I can get away with just this after buying a bluetooth keyboard. But there’s a ton of limited actions with apps and accessories. The software updates make it slow too. And I’m approaching 4 years with this thing and the forums say an ipad air’s lifespan is 3-4 years ughhh I really want a laptop.

  6. laptops are masterpieces. Smart phones or tablets cant beat laptops when it comes to pleasure of surfing.Check out by urself. Thanks.

  7. Ok so with a laptop you can 1 have better graphics,2 a physical keyboard,3 and extra storage and a mouse,and 4 have alot more acess to internet

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