The GT Aggressor Pro is a mountain bike available from Dick’s Sporting Goods for 9. I purchased one on sale for 9. The bike has a 27.5″ All Terra wheel set, mechanical disc brakes, SR Suntour XCT front suspension fork, a 6061 aluminum frame, and a 24-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain.

Overall the bike is decent for 9, at least on paper, and likely better than most similarly priced Walmart mountain bikes (assuming it is properly setup – see video or read further.)

Note that the bicycle is normally 9, but is frequently listed for the 9 sale price.

I had problems with the bike as it wasn’t setup properly and also had contaminated disc brakes. DSG will service the bicycle again soon, so time will tell how well it turns out. Stay tuned for updates!

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20 thoughts on “$299 GT Aggressor Pro 27.5 Mountain Bike from Dick’s Sporting Goods

  1. Love this channel. Your reviews are top notch and you cover things no one else does. Instead of telling everyone not to buy BBB ‘s you actually buy them, ride them, tell us what you like/hate and tell us what type of rider they’d be good for. Thanks Kev.

  2. Brakes need to be properly broken in your suppose to go on a smooth road no incline and smoothly hit the brakes till you almost stop about 20 times for front and back

  3. My friend just bought one of these, its his first mtb but hes only been on 2 rides lets see how it holds up later on down the road

  4. i don't know what kind of gt aggressor you got but after a good tune up by a guy who knows what he's doing i had non of these problems and was able to handle a double black

  5. My experience with those brakes is that they will get stronger after more good stops…they just need broken in?

    Also, I would never rely on a store mechanic. Just learn the basics of proper set up and show us how it rides set up correctly. Just my opinion. I normally ride bikes in the $3000- 5000 range though, but have lots of experience on cheap bikes like this. FWIW.

  6. I paid $399 and love it…only thing I've done is shorten the stem. The mechanic wasn't very thorough but I always go over every bolt on a bike. The brakes work great for me, only problem I've had was a snapped rear derailleur hanger and nearly lost some spokes but I was really beating the crap out of it like a bmx bike.

  7. I own a gt aggressor pro, the only problem I have is the back wheel axle bending, the only mods I've done is changing the 3x system to a 1x and getting rockshox lockable forks

  8. My gt aggressor pro was stolen off my moms bike rack on our way to a trail area in Charleston west Virginia. I live in Ohio. Still hasn’t been found after a month and a few police reports

  9. 7:15 I know that, nothing happend bad this time, but in my opinion, You should not run like that at public place, special when somebody can appear at any moment..

  10. I got my bike( a €289 b-twin rockrider 520) and i was quite proud of it. But after breaking it a couple of times i decides i should build this bike again. But build it properly this time. I stripped the whole bike, Resprayed the entire frame, upgraded it and put it back together. And because of my bmx racing background i put on the GT stickers. You can say like:'eww thats not original' but what i think is this:" for the amount of work i put into this i can call it whatever the f*ck i want!!

  11. Ive never bought a Low End bike. Only recently have i thought about since im without a bike., and looking to get another for occasional riding. i was just at dicks.. looking for back packing gear when i took a stroll by the bikes. The GT Aggressor caught my eye in Sky Blue, I almost bit on it, but with the cheap components, and soft cheap tires, I decided last second to check up on reviews first. Some pro, most bad, and after this great review, Ill stick to my guns and pay up for a better ride… You Get what you pay for!!!

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