It October and things are getting SPOOKY AF. People have been catching some scary moments on camera in their houses and neighborhoods! From ghost activity, haunted hotels, babies being possessed and clowns in the woods, prepare to be spooked by this scary compilation!

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Original Links:
10. Haunted Hotel:
9. Paranormal Baby:
8. Unusual Activity:
7. Scare Bear:
6. Definitely A Ghost:
5. Kitchen Spirits:
4. Satan’s Swing Set:
3. Polter-Chair:
2. Ghost Accountant:
1. Spooked:
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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Moments Caught on Camera || JukinVideo Top Ten

  1. forgett the 9 clips in the beginning, just junk there, but the last one is really scary, becouse you dont necesserily have to fabricate it.

  2. I have been victimised for several years every time I went to bed I always woke up at 3 to 4am and every time I woke I remembered covers were off me when I wrapped myself up in covers every time I fell asleep also as I woke I saw a dark tall figure staring at me but then disappeared and I do have paranoia I always keep my eyes open as I’m too scared to shut them demons are real people it’s the end times with human cloning etc

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