eevBLAB #10 - Why Learn Basic Electronics?

A reddit user asks what is the point in learning basic electronics these days when you can do everything with off the shelf modules and boards like Arduinos and the like.
They make it super easy to build stuff, so why does anyone need any knowledge of basic electronics any more?

I am confused. What is the point of learning basic electronics as a hobbyist ? from TheAmpHour


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20 thoughts on “eevBLAB #10 – Why Learn Basic Electronics?

  1. I don't see why electronics enthusiasts spend their lives making leds flash rather than ever constructing anything useful. Is everyone soooo short of ideas?

  2. Why learn basic electronics? So you don't try to have a bath with a plug-in blow up doll like I did, and end with your nut sack permanently fused to your asshole like mine is. That's why.

  3. But where do I start?? I nearly failed college due to electronics 1 and 2. I still don't understand Ohm's law. I'm confused with + and -. They say – goes to +. Where to start. I've tried for years but I just don't understand it!!!!

  4. I agree with Dave Jones. I've seen arduino users stuck with lack of 0V connection or similar, asking a lot of amperes to a device that can't, the C code of arduino provokes a pin to start in "1" instead of "0", Relay modules with more sh*t that needed. They end blaming the wrong part.
    And sometimes, they get involved in projects of pharaoh scale, totally convinced of being geniuses just for having assembled three or four gadgets… And incredibly some succeed… using twice the hardware needed.

  5. I came across this video a While back and it really inspired me… Waiting on a few more products to come in and gonna get configuring haha love your videos!

  6. Dave is totally right on this. Using things like Arduino and RPi is perfectly fine, but that is not really electronics. It is just putting together legos and using the little bricks. But if you want to do something anew, then you need the skills, you need to know physics laws and how to apply them in the field of electricity and electronics.
    And then, if everybody stops learning electronics and just uses the lego bricks, in a few years nobody will be capable of creating not even those bricks. And, then, advancements in the fields will not happen anymore, and the field will become dead a few more years after, when not only nobody will be able to build new things, but the existing things will start breaking up and nobody will be able to fix them.
    Unfortunately this is a big discussion. today it is so easy to do things in any field, because everybody builds things using already made building blocks. New generations say: why should I learn to do something if it is already available the solution?
    If this way of thinking does not change, in a century from now we will be back to the stone age.

  7. I agree with you dave
    take a card arduino copy a code for me it's not electronics.
    I am passionate and beginner in electronics. Would you like some tips to learn basic analog electronics?

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  9. My university makes Electronics boring ! I've seen good, intelligent people getting bad grades and people with A*'s who cannot design a good proper circuit!

  10. What's there to be confused about? It's actually pretty simple. If everyone takes the approach of "Oh! I can just buy a few boards from eBay and plug them together then buy a box to put everything into it and I'm done!!! Simple"
    But what happens when it stops working and you don't know anything about basic electronics? And no one on the forums is able to help you because they took the same approach as you… No one else is selling it anymore on eBay because the people who understood actual electronics and designed and built the stuff that you took for granted have aged and died… You want your children to get into the sort of thing that you used to enjoy so much but it's not available anymore and you don't have the skills to design anything because you didn't think that it was necessary to learn electronics… It's really sad when you think about it… We used to have Technical Colleges here in Melbourne which is what I attended when I was younger and I learned a lot about everything including electronics. The school was very hands on for everything but the stupid government put and end to it and now they are complaining that there is a shortage in trades people… My children missed out on going to a good school because of that same mentality… Oh! I don't need to know how to make it… Who cares… I can just buy something from the shops and plug it in!.. You can't buy an electronic engineer from the shops to fix it when it stops working and there isn't another plugin available….

  11. One more, VERY important thing: Arduino has limits, digital limits. What if you need to modify an analog signal, like a guitar, for example? A reverb pedal? Audio mixing/mastering… or a super cool Theremin.

    What about a Tesla coil? Even better, show messages on display only using logic gates instead of ICs(because you can)

    Build a MOTHERFUCKING Moog synthesizer, you can't make digital ones without a lot of processing power. Electronics has so much creative feedback, it is lots of fun! Build a generator, a taser, magneto's shoes, magnet gun, so many cool stuff you can do!

  12. As a (very) beginner in electronics I will point out that my entry point was the arduino. Electronics as a field was too scary for me, but the arduino was too limiting. The arduino sparked my curiosity and convinced me to check out Dave and electronics in general. It turns out, the microcontroller is not the best point, just one of many options.

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  14. Electronics today is not wired. It is programmed. Still you need to write good software to make it work properly.

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