Every Fall, thousands of high school football players return to the sport they love. Before they take the field, they’ll have to survive the hardest week in all of sport. Follow Coach Dunn’s Martin Luther King Cougars in Philadelphia as they endure a week of hardcore training in preparation to build on their success from last year.
Welcome back to #HellWeek.
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20 thoughts on “#HellWeek presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods Films

  1. This is so great it reminds me since I’m a lineman that the practicing isn’t supposed to be fun the games are really the fun part. So now I work as hard as I can and I’m a starter now

  2. Everyone like “that’s too much” bitch I’m a damn freshmen and we did 3x more then Rey Lewis card workout so stfu

  3. this is a normal week for me. i have this five days a week discluding the game (six) in every single practice for highschool. but i’m lucky though my coaches make our team strong

  4. This stuff is funny. In cross country I wake up every day at 4:30am and practice starts at 6:30am. I have to walk 3miles to practice in the pitch black morning everyday. And then I do the same thing afterwards. They don’t even do a fraction of the work I put in or my team and they get their own show. Nowadays, nobody cares about actual etiquette. I’ve been doing this for the past 2 years. They can’t even get their but up moving for a week. Sad, stupid, and pathetic.

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