20 thoughts on “I bought a pallet of small electronics returns to sell on eBay | unboxing video

  1. I think he as more ambition then most of you. Your probably sitting in your parents basement not doing anything. He doesn't mind work and has a good personality.

  2. Testing all those modems and headsets will take forever. The set up for each modem is not worth it. I just stay working for the man.

  3. I know the packaging for most of the products is good, but am I the only one thinking: aaah don’t throw it on the ground. I know it’s save though, but I can’t 😂

  4. This gives me pause to think twice buying stuff on ebay, headphones that might have been in someones ear, buying electronics listed as new only to be returns probably not working he has alot of Bark to sell this who knows what "Buyer Beware" on ebay

  5. I am starting to do this same thing. I can't find a place to buy the pallets from…I can find some places for boxes. Where would I find the pallets?

  6. This guy is one boring bast**d explaining what a tail lift is on a truck and what colour the wrapping is on the pallet

  7. he needs to chain some illegal immigrants to a couple desks and make them list all that shit on ebay for a 12 pack

  8. "I bought a pallet full of Bluetooth ear pieces returns to sell on eBay | unboxing video". There! Corrected the video name! LOL

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