The new Razer Blade 15 is probably the best gaming laptop on the market…. but it’s not the only great thin-and-light gaming laptop out there. MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, and others are creating new laptops capable of gaming performance while also working as acceptable productivity machines. Subscribe:

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20 thoughts on “The best all-around gaming laptops of 2018

  1. I’ve been trying to find a laptop that can edit good, record , and obviously gaming which is the best pick? Oh and school

  2. Everything about this video is the epitome of class, and a breath of fresh air from the IGN “gamer dude” type videos.

  3. In future though if you run CSGO in these demos I'd recommend using the command's "bot_kick" as the bots drain FPS on offline servers and doesn't give a true feel for how it would perform normally in a game, also "net_graph 1" to enable detailed FPS stats 🙂

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