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In this video I will show you how to build a dirt cheap fume extractor and how you can fastly and easily desolder all kinds of components from old electronics circuits. I will also talk about what I think is even worth desoldering and which parts you should avoid

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20 thoughts on “What is worth desoldering from old electronics? || DIY Fume Extractor

  1. More things that don't become ewaste is good, the parts can be sent to a manufacturer that can deal with used parts and refurbish them.

  2. Yooo i was thinking of taking apart a TV and then i clicked on this video and what are you taking apart?

  3. I usually go at through holes with a little butane torch
    seems to work pretty well as long as I stay away from certain plastics……..

    while I personally love the smell of burning fiberglass in the morning
    for those who dont I should mention it will fry the hell out of the PCB

  4. Save the boards as well. You can build switching relay out of them…As well other stuff. As these boards are high quality…

    You can also build a de-solder tray. Just drag the board over it. All the solder falls right off…

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