From 0 to 00+ these laptops are perfect for back to school 2017.
LG Gram 13 on Amazon:
My full LG Gram video:

Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 on Amazon:
My full Surface Pro video:

Lenovo Z50 on Amazon:
My full Lenovo Z50 video:

Lenovo Y700 on Amazon:
My full Lenovo Y700 video:

HP 14 inch laptop on Amazon:
Asus Vivobook E403 on Amazon:



20 thoughts on “6 Laptops for Back to School!

  1. i bought a surface pro 2017 Intel core i5-7300U 8 GB RAM 128 GB SSD (the ssd is made by intel lol) and its 29 days tills school for me, thanks for helping out!

  2. If you just buy a macbook and take care of it you can sell it for 80% of what you bought it for in 2-3yrs. Changing machines just sucks so much. These will be cringe worthy in 2-3yrs. A macbook will still be fast.

  3. so.. my laptop has
    -a core i5 (quad)
    -nvidia geForce MX920
    -1366×768 screen resolution
    all that for $357,14.. weird.

  4. I have the black hp stream laptop for school, and watching youtube, playing games, it was for $700, its actually really good like its not a slow cheap laptop.

  5. hey i still go to school and in wanted to ask if a lenovo y520 is worth it. it costs 800 euros and i want to game, work and do some other things with it

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